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*Cellular Telephone Tower Site Construction and Maintenance Services\r\n\r\n*Standby generator installs Detention Ponds Water, Sewer & Drainage a specialtyWe also do difficult jobs.Such as demolition projects.Jobs you have a hard time finding anyone to do.\r\n\r\n Melvin V. Moore President, has 10 years cell site and over 35 years in civil construction experience. \r\n Roger Moore CM has 25 years construction experience and has supervised construction in some 35+ cell sites, with rooftops a specialty.\r\n Virgil Donnelly CM has 25+ years of heavy construction experience with some 15 years being in the cell phone industry.\r\n Clay Bauerschlag CM 9 years T Mobile as project Manager\r\n \r\nWe have worked as either general or subcontractors to clients such as AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, Clearwire, Americom, LFC, Goodman Networks,Bechtel in the cell phone industry.\r\nIndustrial clients Dow Chemical, Celenese, Phillips,Crown\r\nCity,County and State projects fo

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